Hbz Savage Xl Roll Cage

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Ipd Rear Roll Bar plus ipd rod ends for the front anti-roll bar, an ipd rear anti-roll bar and an ipd front strut brace; the front brakes use 13.0-in. rotors from the European S40 police package. The car’s 18-in. wheels are by VST and the grippy … To reach the objectives, the chassis engineers installed revised bushings, slightly stiffer

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Jeep Xj Weld In Roll Cage Harbor Freight Bender Roll Cage Sep 17, 2007  · Hmmm you say it is a pipe bender. Uhhh is this some Harbor Freight thing? You also say you are using tubing. Tubing will not bend in this type of rig … Jun 22, 2015  · Tubing benders, after boo-coo research this is what I came up with.